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Geo Solutions: All Electric Communities

How does Geo Solutions geothermal work for All Electric Communities?

Geo Solution will work with the Homeowners Association to provide geothermal availability to all homeowners in the community. Geo Solutions will install geothermal loop fields and bring geothermal lines to all homeowners who tie-in to the system. Geo Solutions leases the loop field to the Homeowners Association.

Where would the underground loop field be installed?

Generally, the loop field can be installed in the community “common area”.

What is Geothermal?

Geothermal is the use of constant stored temperature below the earth’s surface to provide heating, cooling and as a by-product hot water. In our area the earth’s temperature averages 55 F

How does geothermal work?

Water based solution is circulated through coils buried in the earth (loop field); thereby, converting the water based solution to this constant temperature. A geothermal heat pump extracts and concentrates the temperature from the circulating solution to provide heating and cooling.  It works the same way as your refrigerator, removing heat from inside the refrigerator and releasing it through the coils in back. During the winter the system reverses removing heat from the circulating water based solution and delivering it to the home.

Is it dependable?

The Geothermal heat pump, with few moving parts, is quiet and has a far greater average life than conventional heating and cooling systems. Geothermal heat pumps last 20+ years according to government statistics.

The underground piping carries a warranty of 50 years.

The basic technology of geothermal heat pumps has been around for over 50 years; however, in recent years improvements in materials, installation methods, electronic control systems and equipment improvements have resulted in greater efficiencies, durability and reliability.

Is it safe?

Geothermal is perhaps the safest heating and cooling option available. There are no flames which can result in a fire, no fumes which can result in an explosion or dangerous carbon monoxide gas emission.



What about environmental impact?

According to the EPA, “Geothermal is the most energy efficient, environmentally safe and cost efficient space conditioning system available today.”

No greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide) are emitted from the heating and cooling provided by the geothermal system..

The energy used for the heating and cooling is totally sustainable derived from stored energy of the sun in the earth. The energy is continually renewed by the sun

Would I have to buy new appliance?

Since the geothermal heat pump can be an add-on to the current electric HVAC system, with replacement of the outside air conditioner condenser with a geothermal heat pump, all systems within the house do not need replacement.

Since I do not change out most of my appliances, how do I save on electricity usage (cost)?

Heating and cooling accounts for 40 to 70% of a homeowner’s utility bill.  Geothermal, utilizing the stored constant temperature of the earth provides heating and cooling thus replacing electrical temperature generation.

How does geothermal through Geo Solutions compare to conversion to natural gas?

With geothermal you don’t have to pay for gas connection, replacement of furnace, and other appliances.  Geothermal is safer, no flames, no fumes no chance of combustion of explosion.

What about the 30% tax credit?

With the Geo Solutions, geothermal installation qualifies for a 30% federal tax credit for the cost of the heat pump and any other investment related to the performance of the geothermal system within the home.

What does the geothermal loop field cost?

There is no up-front cost to the home owner for the loop field. This cost will be part of the homeowner’s monthly assessment, which will be more than covered by savings in electricity usage. The cost is $20 per month per ton of installed capacity. For a two ton system the cost is $40 per month.

What about future energy cost increases?

There will be no increase in the geothermal fee; regardless of future increases in electric rates or other energy cost. The geothermal fee is fixed for the life of the Geo Solutions lease, 25 years.

Are there other benefits?

Energy costs are becoming a large element in determining the affordability of a home. With energy cost under control, home value and salability increases.

Geothermal systems have less moving parts and have demonstrated greater reliability with lower maintenance than other electric or gas systems.

Geothermal Solutions Provider

According to the EPA “Geothermal is the most energy efficient, environmentally safe and cost efficient space conditioning system available today.”