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Geo Solutions: Multi-Family Complex

What is the Geo Solution for Multi-Family Complexes?

Especially in renovation situations, the Geo Solutions approach can provide a complete replacement of HVAC and hot water systems with minimal up front cost to the apartment complex owner and no additional operating costs in the future. Payment for the system comes from the savings in energy use.

How does the Geo Solutions system work?

Subject to an analysis of the current HVAC and hot water utility usage and costs, Geo Solutions will install and lease the geothermal system to the apartment owner for the cost of current utility cost for heating, cooling and hot water.

Am I protected from future cost increase?

The fee for the Geo Solutions equipment is fixed for the term of the lease, thus protection from the inevitable spiral of energy costs. Lease term is 15 to 25 years, depending upon the specific circumstances.

Does the Geo Solutions geothermal qualify for the 10% tax credit?

Yes the system qualifies; however, the credit will be applied to Geo Solutions, which helps pay Geo Solutions geothermal system.

What other improvements does geothermal offer?

Improved Reliability:
Indoor installation – no outside equipment

• 50-year manufacturer’s warranty on external coil system with no moving parts
• Geothermal heat pump has average life of 20+ years much longer than conventional HVAC systems
• All new equipment with improved reliability
• Significantly reduced maintenance cost

Improved Comfort:
• Constant air temperature, eliminating hot and cold spots
• System is quiet, no noisy outdoor fans or compressor

Is Geothermal Environmentally sound?

Over 70% of the energy required to operate the geothermal system and provide the heating, cooling and hot water comes from the sun’s energy stored in the earth.
Geothermal reduces energy use from fossil fuels by up to 50% and correspondingly reduce their carbon footprint.
No greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide) are emitted by the geothermal heat pump.

Is it safe?

No heating and cooling system is safer. Heating and cooling are provided without presence of a flame or emission of gas or fumes. Improved safety should improve insurance rates, eliminated potential for fire, explosion or gas asphyxiation.



Geothermal Solutions Provider

According to the EPA “Geothermal is the most energy efficient, environmentally safe and cost efficient space conditioning system available today.”