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Geo Solutions: About Us

Geo Solutions brings together the design, technology, installation and financing to provide environmentally sound, sustainable geothermal energy solution for heating, cooling and hot water for houses, multiple family dwellings, elder care facilities, commercial structures and other facilities.

For each category of ultimate user, Geo Solutions employs a uniquely designed cost savings approach to make geothermal energy affordable. Geo Solutions geothermal application is equally effective for new construction, as well as, renovation situations.

Geo Solutions, through it’s subsidiary, Geo Technology will design and construct a specifically designed solution for your situation; thus reducing cost of the geothermal system. It’s volume buying of materials and control of installation costs make our system affordable without significant up-front cost. Most, in not all, cost of the geothermal system comes from the actual saving in utility costs.

Geothermal Solutions Provider

According to the EPA “Geothermal is the most energy efficient, environmentally safe and cost efficient space conditioning system available today.”